Bristol Online Surveys Tool Upgrade

The University makes use of the Bristol Online Survey service, which allows
staff and research students to build and manage online surveys. The service
comes from the University of Bristol and the support team there aim to be
responsive to the particular needs of the HE community.
As part of that, a new version of the survey tool is about to be launched.

Features of the new version include:

  • Routing – define different paths through a survey, and screen-out respondents
  • Live survey editing – allowing you to make corrections to launched surveys
  • Bi-directional surveys – allowing respondents to return to pages within a survey
  • Flexible authoring tools – including copying and moving questions between pages
  •  Response validation – restrict answers by word limit, numbers and dates
  • New question types – including ranking and scale questions
  • Comprehensive filtering – fine-tune your reports, and exclude responses
  • Enhanced reporting – including new charting and export options
  • Improved accessibility
  • New licence options – including short-term free accounts

While the new version is in development, there will be testing periods
involving both closed groups, and a more general audience. As part of the
migration, BOS plans to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to preview
the tool, with thorough support.

BOS will release more information about the new version over the coming
months. The latest information about developments is available from the BOS

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